iHerb Promo Code Shopping Guide 2021

iHerb Promo Code 2019: What You Need to Know About iHerb

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$5 on your 1st purchase + 5% Loyalty Credit for your next order $40.

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iHerb Website Reviews 2021

There is no doubt that these days there are so many online stores for dietary supplements to buy from offering countless coupons such as iHerb promo code.

A customer gets confused where to shop from, which website offers the best rates, which ships for free, etc.

It is very common that you and I, the customers, have to make at least 3 to 5 orders from different stores before we stick to one particular online store.

But how do you choose? What do you look for? What influences your choice?

Stick with me, we are about to explore this.

iHerb.com - The Most Trusted Website Online

There has been a 100% success rate in 2021 for discounts activated for first-time customers, with over 4,735 in total.

iHerb is the best in the online business currently as seen in this article. It is rated at 4.65 out of 598 great reviews by the Price Grabber. 

If you are planning to purchase any of your favorite supplements online choose iHerb.com.

You can place your order today, and the products will be delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the world. 

If you have not tried the natural supplements and good formulas on iHerb yet, you are missing out on great products. 

So what makes iHerb.com so popular website?

$5 on your 1st purchase + 5% Loyalty Credit for your next order $40.

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There are several online shopping platforms, and while finding one is never a daunting task, not all of them can be relied upon to provide desirable services.

iHerb.com is one of the popular online shopping places offering various products ranging from

·          daily supplements to healthy foods;

·          baby foods; 

·          herbs; 

·          beauty creams; 

·          cleaners, and 

·          pet health products among others.

Before shopping from any platform, it is important to review their offer carefully. 

The best place to start is from existing reputation; what previous customers think of the shopping based on their own experiences.

If more customers leave low ratings depicting dissatisfaction, then the shopping experience may not be as great as it is advertised. 

Here is a brief look at iHerb reviews including their products and services.

What kind of products you can buy at iHerb.com

As aforementioned, iHerb.com is an online shopping place that offers another opportunity to quickly order various kinds of products from anywhere in the word. 

However, the shopping platform focuses on customers looking for specific products. iHerb.com offers the following products:

·          Daily supplements – this is a wide range that comprises fitness supplements, meal replacement shakes, mineral and vitamin supplements, nootropics, immune boosters and general health supplements.

iHerb Promo Code

·          Healthy foods – from the grocery list, you can choose from baking items to bars and candy, creams, oils, coffee, condiments, flour, mixes, tea, nut butter, seeds and grains, spices and seasons, snacks, sauces and sweeteners among several others.

·          Baby products – you can get baby cereals, cleaning products, accessories, diapering, food, milk powder and formulas, gift sets, teething, toys and travel, hair care, bath products, skin care, supplements, pre-natal, probiotics and pregnancy products among others.

·          Beauty products – like other categories, you can choose from some beauty products including anti-aging, cleansers, brighteners and skin lightening, facial wipes, exfoliators and scrubs, beauty oils, hair care, masks, peels, sunscreens, and toners.

There are several other categories including sports, pet, bath and home products. 

iHerb.com also provides a refreshing blog that contains researched educational material on various health topics like aging, arthritis, blood sugar, cleansing, women health, cholesterol, eye and vision, joint health, weight loss, prostate, liver, and immunity among several others.

Advantages of iHerb.com

Most iHerb reviews project it positively as it provides a sleek easy-to-navigate website where you can quickly search for products directly from their search box or through listed categories. 

The site has an amazing layout with appealing visuals and uniform organization. They accept various payment options and a 24-hour support desk is always ready to accept any inquiries. 

Unlike most shopping places, iHerb concentrates on health products and supplements providing a one-stop center where you can find you daily health prescriptions, housekeeping cleaners, and detergents and body care products. 

You can choose your favorite brand or even view the list of best selling products. What’s more, you can choose products from a specific country. There are discounts and rewards to help you save extra bucks. 

If you are living in Finland, please go to our Suomi iHerb koodi page.

Bonus: Free Trial Items from iHerb.com

The trial products are a new addition to the company. Many of the beauty products in the market today, food and nutrition products are now available at extremely low cost.

You can simply go to the iHerb website to choose your trial items and also use your iHerb promo code.

There are few offers available such as the digestive care, super-foods and the occasional sleep aid. However, there are charges for shipping on all trial products from iherb. 

iHerb reviews offers a great shopping experience as you can create an account, monitor/track your orders and receive rewards. 

The shopping place has over 35,000 listings, and most of them are health products. 

If you are looking for health products and accessories, then this is the platform to visit as it is dedicated to such offers.

If you live in Israel, please go to our special ישראל iHerb promo code page.

The step-by-step guide to making an order from iHerb.com

iHerb.com is one of the largest online stores where you can buy anything from vitamin c, protein powder, fat burners to toothpaste, cosmetics, food and grocery, baby products, eco and bioproducts for home, dogs and cats products. 

You can buy anything from here (as long as it is legal, of course).

The company is based in the USA and ships worldwide via airmail, DHL, UPS, and via Doves, of course.

How To Make Your First Order From iHerb:


First you need to register. Go to iHerb.com and make your registration.


At the top of the website, just below the browser URL field, there are 2 links that you may want to check.

These are Daily and Weekend Deals, Brands of the Week, and Trial products. Here you will usually see products discounted to up to 90%. Cool, huh?


Look through the Trial Products Section.

You may find a trial of a product that you would like to try before buying the whole pack. Most of the trial products cost cents.


This is huge! The link I will provide right now is not easy to be seen.

This is the Clearance Category. You can save up to 60% off. Here you can find everything from pop chips to supplements and cosmetics.

Click here to go to the Clearance Category and find something cheap.


Let’s find some hidden combo deals. I will show you how to search for them.

I will go to my favorite Sports category, and I will find one of my favorite whey protein powders Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard 100% Whey, Cookies & Cream, 5 lbs.

I will click on the product to open and will look below the main product picture on the left to see if there is a “Bundle banner.”


When you are ready to make the purchase go to your shopping cart.

Now you have a clear view of your products and discounts. You might be wondering “Where to enter the iHerb promo code for 5 dollars off? The place for the iHerb new customer coupon is just below your products in your shopping cart.

Enter the iHerb coupon code you have (or you can use mine, of course, my iHerb promo code is KOV618) and hit the apply button. The iHerb discount code will be applied immediately as seen in the screenshot.

Now you see, the total cost for both products is USD 76.04, as a first-time customer and with the additional discounts, you will buy the 2 products for USD 64.44, this is a total of USD 11.60 discount, not bad?


Choose how you would like your order to be shipped.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any iherb free shipping code, but all orders over USD 20 are eligible for free shipping in the USA.

The delivery time is 1-5 business days with UPS, DHL or US Post. The lowest international shipping rates start from $2.

The are limitations on the weight that can be shipped via the lowest shipping option (airmail). To see which is the best shipping option and rate to your country, look below the place for applying the iherb discount code.

There is a Get Shipping Estimates.

Click on the blue link Change. A pop-up window will appear. Choose your country address. Click on Save Preferences.

Now the shipping options and rates will be available for your address country.


When you are ready, click on the orange proceed to checkout button (bottom right corner).

Choose your shipping address. Choose shipping option and then next. Now you can choose which payment option to use – PayPal or direct payment with credit/debit card.

I would go with PayPal as it is 10 times faster. Click next and fill in your billing address. Click next and review your order before you place it.

Look if everything is ok with your shipping address and payment details. If everything is fine, then click on the Place Order button.

Congrats! Your order has been placed. You will receive an email when iherb ships your order.

But Why Do I Keep Insisting That iHerb Is The Best Store To Buy Dietary Supplements Online?

Reason 1: Loyalty Pays You 5% Back

Since January 2016, each time you purchase iHerb.com, iHerb gives you 5% Loyalty Credit. iHerb loyalty credit equals to 5% of your order total, excluding shipping charges.

The iHerb loyalty credit is available to be used towards your next order once your last order has shipped.

Reason 2: Once you become a regular customer at iherb.com you will start receiving some little gifts from the iHerb team with your orders.

I find this very touchy and customer oriented. Just see below.

This is just a little part of what iHerb gave me as a courtesy for being a loyal client (or as it used to be called a VIP client).

iHerb Reviews


iHerb Hong Kong page available in Chinese

免運費寄至香港,無論是元朗新城或是相關任何地區,快捷可靠。訂單超過US$40 (~HK$313 )也可享受順豐快遞、DHL快遞或全球郵件免運費。這意味著至少可以節省95%的國際運費。您需要確保使用代碼KOV618

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Existing customers can use iHerb discounts using special iHerb promo codes. As the code WELCOME5 is for first-time customers, those who use code KOV618 can take advantage of weekly promos, house brands.

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